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irish horse drawn caravans

Holiday Ireland in a Horse Drawn Caravan


Walking with a horse-drawn caravan!Escape

Imagine escaping for a while from the hectic hustle of modern life into a world where the pace of life is unhurried and relaxed, the people are warm and welcoming, and you can unwind and breathe in the beautiful, unspoiled countryside of Ireland.

Travel at a walking pace

You can do just that with a horse-drawn caravan holiday. Your horse-drawn covered wagon allows you, and three or four other people, to sleep and cook for yourselves as you travel over the roads of some of the most beautiful areas of Ireland, stopping off at farms, country houses or pubs on the way. Travelling at a walking pace, natures beauty is yours to observe, appreciate and enjoy as only the wanderer can.


This unique holiday invites you to experience a way of life, a people, a culture and landscape, combined with an activity which practically anyone can enjoy. An overwhelming majority of horse-drawn caravan visitors have no previous experience of horses but have the willingness to experience and enjoy something completely different. This is a holiday where you and your horse decide the pace. You may choose to have a very quiet, leisurely, intimate break, or you may prefer to fill your time with activities.

Feed the swans on your Irish horse drawn cravan holiday.


A horse-drawn caravan holiday allows you freedom to choose:

  • riding
  • cycling
  • fishing
  • walking
  • golfing
  • farm activities
  • pubs
  • restaurants
  • Irish music sessions.  


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Hosting kindly provided by a Wicklow-based firm (located just south of Dublin).